Soft Drink

Thirsty? Sounds like a call for a Soft Drink. Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite. With ice, without ice, with straw, without straw. Take your pick.

Nutrition informationPer serving
Weight286.2 g
Energy100.1 kcal
Energy100.1 kJ
Proteiine100.1 g
Carbohydrates100.1 g
Sugars100.1 g
Fats100.1 g
Unsaturated fats100.1 g
Saturated fats100.1 g
Fiber100.1 g
Salt100.1 g


  • GlutenGluten
  • EggEgg
  • CeleryCelery
  • SesameSesame
  • Sulfur dioxideSulfur dioxide
  • InfoInfo