Restaurant Brands International and Burger King unequivocally condemn Russia’s attack on Ukraine

Burger King does not have any company-owned restaurants in Russia and the local restaurant operator operates in this market under a franchise agreement. Restaurant Brands International (, a company owning the Burger King brand, demanded the Russian restaurants operator an immediate suspension of Burger King restaurant operations in Russia, following Russia’s commencement of military action against Ukraine. However, the Russian franchisee has not agreed to close the restaurants to date and will continue to operate restaurants in Russia. In response, Burger King suspended all corporate support, including operational and marketing activities, to the Russian franchise and suspended supply chains to Russian restaurants. All Russia-related investments and expansion plans have been frozen. To support Ukraine, Burger King's parent company has decided to use the franchise proceeds from operations in Russia to provide humanitarian aid to Ukrainian war refugees. In addition, the company has made a $1 million donation to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

More information on the RBI website:

Russia's aggression against Ukraine is unacceptable and we fully condemn it. In the Baltic States, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, the fast-food chain Burger King® is franchised by Tallink Group. Burger King’s franchises in the Baltic States and Russia operate autonomously and there is no contact between the franchisees of these states. Today, Tallink Group offers free transport to war refugees and humanitarian aid to Ukraine on its ships. We have opened our doors to all refugees who want to find work in Tallink and its Estonian subsidiaries.